About me

Ciao, I’m Olga

For a long time I lived and photographed in St.Petersburg where I’ve shot more than thousand sessions, and was getting an art education, which now helps me to see composition and light in my work.

I’ve worked in many countries — Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Georgia, Turkey and others. Traveling is my passion.

My photography is simple and deep: it’s about real life and capturing a moment for a lasting memory. I prefer naturalness without contrived posing, make-up and costumes, like calm colours and retouch. It’s important for me to show that everyone is beautiful. You just need to be yourself and that’s all (with everything else I’ll help).

Photoshoot is a good pastime, let’s spend it together!

Currently based in Liguria, Genoa, but I’m open to discussion and cooperation, to come to other Italian cities and art projects.

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